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Diane Baldwin Aloof Comedic.png


Diane is an Actress, Award-Winning Producer, Video Playback Graphic Designer, and feisty wallflower. She loves creating, designing, crafting, and helping others to do so as well. Her most recent acting work includes the romcom movie The Prince and the PA, the sci-fi movie Another Plan From Outer Space 2: The Doomed, the comedy film Dumbfellas, and playing several supporting roles in the podcast The Ol' Timey Spectral Hour (available on Spotify).

Diane's main quality is her unassuming nature, but don't be fooled, this soft-spoken polymath is filled with surprises. She's a mix between Winona Ryder and Mia Goth.


Diane also works as a Video Playback Graphic Designer/VP Producer for Captain Video Playback where she has had the privilege to work on 2 episodics and 3 movies just within this past year and is an editor for She also helped produce the award-winning short film Dumbfounded, directed the finale episode of the web series The Domestic Adventures of Molly & Zoran, and is currently in post-production on a romantic dark comedy anthology which she wrote.

Diane has trained under Natalie Roy, Manuel Puro, Killian McHugh, Joseph Pearlman, and at the Upright Citizens Brigade.

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