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Diane Baldwin is an Actress, Award-Winning Producer, and feisty wallflower. She loves creating, designing, crafting, and helping others to do so as well. Her most recent acting work includes a supporting role as FBI Agent Johnson in the comedy film Dumbfellas (2022) and a supporting role in the podcast The Ol' Timey Spectral Hour (2021 - available on Spotify) as 8-year-old Sam, Clare, and Maggie.

Diane's main quality is her unassuming nature, but don't be fooled, this soft-spoken polymath is filled with surprises. She currently is an editor for and works as a graphic designer for a TV show. She also helped produce the award-winning short film, Dumbfounded, directed the finale episode of the web series The Domestic Adventures of Molly & Zoran Ep. 107 Bed Pugs, and is currently in post-production on a romantic dark comedy anthology which she wrote.

Diane has trained under Manuel Puro, Killian McHugh, Joseph Pearlman, and at the Upright Citizens Brigade.

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